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Search Engine Spamming
Search engine spamming is a ticket to oblivion for your website. Unfortuantely, many people are under the misconception that practices that fall under this category are not only ok, but required in order to experience search engine success. Why? Because there are software products and submission services that have created a myth. The problem is that while they are getting your money, you are getting nowhere.

Things you may be doing that are considered search engine spamming:

1. Submitting all of your web pages.
If you have hundreds of web pages, and you think you need to submit all of them in order to get noticed, you are only likely to be noticed by the search engines, which may quickly tag you as a spammer and BAN your entire website. The reality is that you should only submit your home page, and at most very unique category pages, such as a product's home page. In any case, you are better off only submitting your main home page and placing links to all of the other pages. The spiders will find the rest in time.

2. Keyword Spamming
If you think that repeating your main keywords over and over will make a spider rank you better, forget it. It is more likely that they will notice this and ban your site or completely disregard the keyword. There is a delicate balance you need to find. Use your keywords, but don't repeat them over and over and over.

3. Irrelevant keywords
Spiders have gotten pretty smart. If they sense that you are targeting the keyword 'sex', but your site is about 'fishing', expect to be found out and banned.

4. Hiding Content
White text on a white background (the same goes for any same color text on a same color background) will be noticed and considered spamming. Padding keywords at the bottom of a page will be noticed. Extremely small text will nbe noticed. All fo this is spam, and will hurt you.

Search Engines want content... REAL content
If you have lots of informative text that is related to the subject of the keywords you want to target, you will be way ahead of the game. Spiders will tend to favor sites that they can determine as having a great deal of real, related content.



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