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Pay Engines
Should they be in your budget?
If you want to get listed fast on some of the most popular search engines and directories, it's going to come with a price. While many of the search engines still offer a way to submit your site for free, they usually come with huge disclaimers. They will typically say that they may or may not index your page, and if they do, it will probably be months before they can get around to it. But for a price, you can use their 'Priority' or 'Express' listing service and get indexed in days instead of months.

You are not paying for rank
Remember, if you use this option, you are not being guaranteed a favorable rank. You are merely being guaranteed that you will be indexed in a shorter period of time. So you can spend your money and find that while you are indexed, you are deep in the the search rankings where nobody can find you.

Frequent Spidering
Many of the engines that offer this service offer a bit more than just indexing your site. They also guarantee that your site will be visited by their spider frequently. For example, some engines offer a fast inclusion service for around $30 or $40 per url. They guarantee that not only will your site be indexed in a few days, but that for a full year, their spider will visit your site every few days to check for changes. What this means to you is that if your site doesn't rank well in their index, you can further optimize it and in a few days their spider will give it another look. You can do this over and over without ever having to submit again.

When it comes to Yahoo, it is important to remember that the Yahoo Directory is not a search engine. It is a directory, and they don't use a spider to look at your site. A real human looks at every site before it is listed. Yahoo charges $299 to look at your site if it is a business site. For your $299, they don't guarantee that you will be listed. They merely guarantee that someone will review it for possible indexing within 7 days. While this is quite expensive, Yahoo is an extremely important site. It is not only extremely popular, but it also helps boost your site's link popularity on other engines.

In addition, Yahoo offers a search submit service (previously Inktomi) that allows you to get listed in Yahoo Search, as well as the results of many other search engines. Note that this is completely separate from the Yahoo Directory.

Spin Control
If you read the newsgroups, you will see some people saying that because so many engines have switched to a paid format, that there is no reason to use automated tools anymore. This is far from the truth. Remember that when it comes to submission, there are many engines that do not charge, and even though most of the majors do charge, the other engines should not be discounted. Furthermore, a tool like AddWeb is much more than a mere submission tool. Submission is just one component of an overall solution. For example, you may use paid submission for Inktomi, so you don't need AddWeb's submission module for that engine, but you will use AddWeb to check your ranking, see what keywords people are using, optimize your pages so that the next time the spider visits you can boost your ranking, etc.

Do it in AddWeb
AddWeb has a section called 'PAY ENGINES'. This section provides you a listing of engines that offer express or priority listing services for their indexes. Within AddWeb, you can simply click on an engine link and it will take you directly to their paid inclusion pages.



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