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The Waiting Game
A watched pot never boils
This was touched on in the Ranking subject, but it must be driven home. Success comes with time, patience, and work.If you submit your site to search engines, it can take weeks or months to get listed. Then it can take months upon months to build your ranking on more common keywords. It is that simple. The price for free search engine promotion is time.

You can speed things up if you are willing to pay.
Most search engines nowadays have some sort of speedy processing offer... for a price. You can get listed by Inktomi in less than 72 hours if you pay them for the benefit. The same goes for Alta Vista, Lycos, Yahoo, etc. They will put your site on a priority list and look at your site very soon. Most also guarantee that they will spider your site every 72 hours or less for changes. This is a great service, and if you elect to opt for it, budget at least $1,000 for it. There are no positiong guarantees! These services are for guarantees that they will LOOK at your site. Yahoo, for example, only guarantees that they will review it, not that they will add it. The others will merely place you in a position that you would have otherwise been in if they got around to accepting your submission. Still, it gets you fast results, good or bad.

Trading Links can speed it all up
Think of it this way: If a website is regularly spidered by a search engine, and a link to your site is placed on that site, the next time they get spidered, your site will be discovered. So, you are better off trading links than submitting, of course.

Instant Top Positions
Pay per click engines are a great way to get guaranteed positiong. If you are willing to pay more than anyone else to be #1 on a search engine, you can be. But beware that you will have to pay every time a user clicks on your link! These sites include Overture, Sprinks, Findwhat and many others. Furthermore, some of them partner with many other engines, so getting the #1 spot on one, may get you #1 on many others.

Do it in AddWeb
Every subject on this page can be handled through AddWeb. Submission is obvious. Trading links is done through AddWeb's LinkTrader, and you can get paid placement on many Engines through AdDWeb's Pay Engines interface. Finally, in the Pay Engines interface, there are links to many of the Pay Per Click sites!



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