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Checking your Rank
Patience is a virtue, Knowledge is Power
When it comes to getting positioning, people are often very impatient. Who can blame them? Unfortunately, positioning is a process that requires a great deal of patience. When you first get your site listed, don't be alarmed if your site is low in the ranks. If you have been reading these articles in order, by now you certainly know that positioning is quite a bit more than making an optimized page. As you go to the engines and check your ranking, don't be discouraged at first. Keep promoting your site and over time, if you do everything right, you will see it steadily climb in the ranks.

Spin Control
There are many search engine optimization (SEO) and positioning firms out there. Most of them make glorious promises of top rankings in short periods. Some are honest companies, but the majority are not. Would you like a #1 position with any keyword on Google? No problem, purchase pay per click rankings from their Adwords program. The same goes for many engines. Technically, these are top positions, but the catch is the cost6 involved. A true #1 position is one that appears naturally without you having to pay for the spot. Many of these companies that promise these spots are merely purchasing keyword positions and charging you for it, plus a hefty profit. Alternatively, companies that get high rankings on naturally positioned sites typically convice you to use obscure keywords that you can get great positiong with yourself by reading these articles. These articles give you more knowledge than many of the SEO firms have.

Do it in AddWeb
If you are going to go to the engines to check your rank, you will spend a lifetime. Use AddWeb's ranking feature. Just plug in your sites, plug in your keywords, select the engines and click a button. AddWeb will do the rest for you. Consider this: If you were to check the rank for 2 websites, with 25 possible keywords, on 50 search engines, checking the first 100 results, you would have to look at about 12,000 pages!!! AddWeb can do it for you and save you countless hours. Furthermore, AddWeb will track your ranking position and chart it over time.



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