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Keyword Abuse
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Simply put, when you start throwing lists of keywords all over your page like above, you may be pegged as a spammer by spiders. With the exception of the META Keywords tag, you should never do this. Unfortunately, many (not all) spiders no longer look at the meta tags, so you need to find a way to get your message to the spider, right? Right!

Once again: Descriptive content
Look at this example of keyword abuse:

fish, fising, fly-fishing, fly, poles, fish bait, fishing poles, tacke, fish tackle...

Now look at this:

Pete's Tackle Shop offers many products for the fisherman, including poles, bait, takle and more. We are the top headquarters for fly fishing in the region.

You got your message across, you got all of your keywords in there, but it is also not spam.



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