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Doorway Pages
The entrance to your site
The most important page on your site is your home page. This is your doorway page. In a perfect world, you submit a single page, and the spiders find the rest of your site. Unfortunately, it isn't always that easy. Some spiders won't see your entire site, and many won't go more than one or two levels deep. Because of this, it is sometimes a good idea to have alternate home pages for various subjects within your site. You will want to submit each of these home pages to search engines to get maximum benefit.

Remember, Content counts!
Many programs, including AddWeb, make it very easy to create a doorway page. However, don't make the mistake of leaving it at that. These canned doorway pages are very basic, and by themselves they won't get you very far. You should look at them as a launching pad for more creative content. Add information, links, etc. to them so that if a human would go there, they would find information of interest... not just a link to another home page. If you fail to keep this in mind, spiders will likely know what you are up to.

Get the domain
To really get maximum benefit, get a domain name for each doorway page and have your webserver (if possible) point directly to it as the home page for that domain.

Links Links Links Links
Remember, link popularity is very important on most engines worth their salt. Make sure you have others linking to your home page, doorway pages, etc. If nobody links to you, it will be difficult to get a good position.

Do it in AddWeb
AddWeb's Page Builder is a great place to make starter doorway pages. It can also edit your existing home page to make it better.

Behind a myth
Some people think making hundreds or of doorway pages, each targeted for a specific keyword will help. This is usually just a great way to be ignored or banned. Stay away from it.

Spin Control
Some SEO firms will offer to host your doorway pages for you. Be careful, as if you are paying a monthly fee for the service, the moment you stop paying, they have control over your top rankings!



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