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Choosing a strategy
Plan Ahead
Before you venture into the world of search engine promotion, make a plan of action. There are many ways to go about it, and come are incompatible with others. Be sure to read all the articles in this program, and if you have not absorbed them 100%, read them again.

You will need to look at this as a process that take time and patience. The general steps are:

Choose your keywords
Design your site
Optimize your site
Get your site listed
Analyze your traffic and ranking trends
Further Optimize your site
Go back to step 5.
The key is to plan for all of these steps in advance, and understand that time will be your greatest investment.

Behind a myth:
Too many people think web promotion is about submitting your site to search engines. This is because it sounds so easy, people want to believe it. There was a time this was true, but that time has long gone.



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