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ALT Tags
Semi Hidden Text that can go a long way.
When you place an image on a page, you have the option to assign 'alternate text' to the image. This is text that shows while the image is loading, or if you hover your mouse cursor over the image. Most WYSIWYG HTML editors just ignore this when you place an image on a page, or simply add the file name. You can put any text you want here, and many search engines will consider this text when ranking your page.

This is a great place to fit in your keywords while describing what an image is. The format is as follows:

<img src="image.gif" alt="Enter your alt text here ">

This may not seem like much, but every little bit adds up to what can make a huge difference.

Do it in AddWeb...

AddWeb's Page Builder makes working with ALT tags very easy. When you load a page into Page Builder, the wizard will look at ALL images ona page, and allow you to quickly enter ALT text line by line. When you save the page, all of the ALT tags will be inserted. This is MUCH easier than going through existing pages one by one and doing it manually.



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